Lost In Her Own View

I clearly remember taking this picture. It was one of the final shots I took that night. This Thai lady sat there oblivious to the fact that I had a very large camera pointed at her firing multiple exposures. Trust me, they weren’t fast shots because they were long exposures even with me opening the lens up in an attempt to get the shutter to fire faster. She was looking towards the beach and the setting sun but she was oblivious to it. It worked out for me since I was shooting her.

This image has a lot of issue since the background is very bright so I had to bring it down. Then there was a lot of motion blur because I was shooting long exposures. There was no way around it. Plus sand does not make the most solid shooting surface. I removed the worst of the motion blur but you can’t fix all of it. For inquiring minds just go to Smart Sharpen in Photoshop and then hit the drop down to motion blur. Use the dial until you get it close enough and call it a day. You will never make it perfect. It’s impossible.






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    January 10, 2016

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