Stretch of Beach

I know I promised a series on my triumphant (not really) return but I ran into a problem. I haven’t had to curate anything resembling a series in awhile so I got caught up on what-is-what. I have some very specific ideas on what I want to do with those images that I don’t want to pt something into a series that I feel should not be there. If you have never done image curation it can be nerve shattering when you really sit back and think about it and then you have to be ruthless with your own work to say something does or doesn’t work. While I am all for publishing images I like just because of that; sometimes it doesn’t make sense when the image has more technical flaws than I like it personally factor. Plus… I will be launching another site for that in the future!

As for this image, I was walking along the beach just shooting. No real goal in mind. Just me and my Sony RX100M3. Which, I should point out has become my “goto” camera. Sure it isn’t packing a massive sensor but the lens and form factor make it easy to carry and you can get some outstanding images out of it.

Back to the stretch of beach and the camera, I think I merged in 5 frames on Aurora HDR. They weren’t shot with HDR in mind; meaning I didn’t use exposure compensation. The images were just fired off handheld. I used continuous mode when I shoot stuff that isn’t destined for HDR because lets be honest, memory is cheap so why not take a bunch of shots to ensure you get 1 useable? If you are worried about disk space you can always delete the extra photos you didn’t use.

Once I had the images in Aurora I just selected the Ghost button and selected on frame to use at the “master” image then let the software handle the rest. You get a deeper and more vivid image doing this, better than Photoshop can deliver. I played with some sliders then brought it into Photoshop and started doing the masking and layers using various filters to get it to where I wanted it. Then a bit of dodging and burning and the usual round of sharpening and done! I know, sounds like a lot but really 15 minutes.



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  1. THE MOM said:

    I do like the photo. The beach photos are very nice and I have saved them for my picture show. The water looks so blue and inviting. Know one day, I would like to see it in person.

    January 3, 2016

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