Can I Help You?

If you go to enough temples in Thailand you realize that the dogs, cats, chickens, roosters, and various other forms of animal life are a common sight. They aren’t pets, they just live there because the monks take care of them by feeding them. I don’t recommend picking one up and scratching them or really engaging with them. There are some unhealthy animals there and vaccinations aren’t high on the monks to do list. Rule of thumb is look but don’t touch.

This cat was sitting as you see him/her when I wandered up with the tripod. The dogs for some reason didn’t like the tripod and usually backed away. Cats, being well cats; just ignored me or would wind their way between my legs. At one point I had setup a tripod over a sleeping cat who never budged and slept through it all. As you can see this cat was actively watching me and I think daring me to come close to its resting spot which it clearly had staked out over the other cats.



2 thoughts on “Can I Help You?”

  1. I like the mystery cat in the photo. He looks like a very large cat and he is quite different than our cats in the states. He looks well fed so the monks take good care of the wondering creatures of the temple. I enjoyed.

  2. Well I never got a picture of a brown dog like I requested. I will have to make do with a golden cat. That is one large kitty. I think he/she may be part Maine Coon Cat. She/he certainly is a good watch cat.

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