Guardians At The Gate

Why are there two elephants guarding the entrance to this temple complex? Well, my quick search turned up the fact that Buddha’s mother was unable to have a child until she dreamed of a white elephant entering her. So I can see why it’s important to Buddhism. You also need to understand that Buddhism comes from India where the elephant is revered because of Ganesh. Thai Buddhism draws heavily on Hinduism. It’s not uncommon to see lots of Hindu elements in Thailand and within Thai temples.

I wish I paid attention to the temple names I went to. This is the one I wound up at after I crashed my bike being chased by a pack of dogs. It was very chill and I enjoyed just having the place to myself. If you are ever in Thailand skip the tourist temples and hit the local spots. They are equally and splendid and without the usual tourists showing up or an “admission fee”. If you like there are donation boxes all over temple grounds, feel free to drop what you wish in the box.





  1. THE MOM said:

    I like the very colorful photo. At least the elephants are not really a bold color. I do like the architecture of the temples and the colors. There is a lot of talent to create a temple such as this one.

    December 23, 2015

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