Selfie At Sunset

This was shot on the beach obviously. One of the interesting things about the beach is you rarely see a Thai out there in the day unless under the umbrellas. It’s a social thing with dark skin. For an outsider looking in the dark skin issue is a bit weird but when you go shopping you will see nothing but whitening creams even if its everyday lotion that does zero for whitening skin. So when I was shooting at sunset the number of Thais far outnumbered the tourists on the beach. They came down in pairs or groups and most where there to watch the sunset and enjoy a bit of the water.

This is the first image using the new sky process I was discussing. It basically uses gaussian blur layer then masking it back into the image. It smooths out the sky nicely I think and was pleased with the results overall. Still a bit more playing before I call it perfect but much easier than making 17 different layers and masking them in.



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  1. THE MOM said:

    Like the sunset with the water. I think the selfie should have been taken with their backs to that beautiful sunset. The shimmering water of the beach is very beautiful.

    December 23, 2015

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