Reflections of Sunset

This image was taken right after yesterday’s image from what I remember. I was on Wongnamat Beach and I had moved the camera a bit and reset to frame the rocks differently. Just moving a bit gives a similar view a whole new look.

This image was created by merging in 9 different images. No idea why I shot 9 but I did and let the software do its thing. Just moved the sliders around until I got a look I wanted then exported to Photoshop. A bit more magic was done in Photoshop to really bring out the colors of the sunset using a couple different programs and then masking them back in. Finally removing the sky noise with Macphun’s Noiseles Pro and masking that in.

I am back to editing on a 13″ monitor which makes doing HDR fun as I had to store my 22″ with a friend here in Thailand as I am leaving today. As you read this I’ll be in a taxi heading to the airport. Seemed appropriate the final image was a sunset on the Gulf of Thailand.

EnjoyReflected Sunset

One thought on “Reflections of Sunset”

  1. Reflections is most beautiful. The photos capturing the evening sun has been the star of the photos. We did not see the sun rise which I am sure was just as pretty. I am sure the photographer will miss the beautiful evening skies. I would like to see them plus temples, and temple guard in person. It appears a very interesting place to see. I have enjoyed and saved most photos.

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