Reds and Golds

I have no idea what the temple is called. It’s located off of Sukhimvit Road. I was looking for it when I got into a motorbike accident while trying to escape a pack of dogs that were trying to attack me.

It was a very cool little local temple area. Not overflowing with tourists. To be honest, I was the only non-Thai there and there weren’t that many. No one had problems with me setting up for my shots and it was very quiet. After the near mauling from the dog pack it was what I needed to get back on the bike and ride back.

If you ever are in a Buddhist country always check out the local temples, far better then the tourist trap ones.



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  1. THE MOM said:

    I do love the architecture of these temples. If they are all hand carved they have some very talented people. The temple is very tall but does not look very large. Do they hold services in all temples? Is there a meaning besides the red and gold coloring? Gold maybe riches but red? The Temple surrounded by the part blue and angry grey sky and the trees is very nice. I saved it for my display.

    December 6, 2015

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