Toy Land

This is Pattaya from the Naval Overlook located up in Pratumnak. If you squint towards the right you can see the building I am staying in. I think? I have a poor sense of direction.

Tried something a bit different with this image. I added a very slight tilt-shift effect. I knew when I took it I was going to do this just because its what I saw in my head. Never really tried it before so I figured why not. Plus Photoshop makes it stupid easy to do just by going to filters and Blur Gallery.

One of the annoying things about the overlook is that its a major tourist dumping ground for tour groups. They literally have buses lined up vomiting tour groups. There were lots of “photographers” who like the soi dogs that roam that place pissed on their territory by setting up tripods in their preferred spots and promptly walking away. Most were complete crap but there were a few that I would have gladly walked away.

I am all for getting your shot but don’t be a total jackwad by just setting your tripod for the sunset shot of your dreams. It’s an asshat move. You want your shot you get there and set for it and wait. Not just set your tripod and go muck about ruining others shots because the entire viewing area was lined with tripods so no one could get to the side for their own shots.

This being Thailand complaining to anyone would have ended in frustration so it was pointless. I think next time I’m just going to round up some soi dogs and just point them in the general direction of the tripods and let them go wild. They can mark their territory just like the asshats marked theirs.

PS – Enjoy!



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  1. Nig said:

    Great shot

    December 3, 2015

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