Temple In The Jungle

Well, not really but you do have to walk down a treacherous set of stairs that are in a leafy canopy to get this view of the Sanctuary of Truth. Trust me, lugging a camera on a tripod down and up these stairs is miserable.

I have no idea how long I have been coming to Thailand now. A good many years and this is my third trip to the temple. It’s been under construction the entire time. Since its all hand crafted, with no nails or anything modern being used in its construction the scaffolding around it has always been there. Still, its a cool place to visit.




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  1. THE MOM said:

    The photo is great. I am saving a copy for my displayer. The workmanship talent is remarkable. The architecture is gorgeous and then there is no nail. My question, do these people get paid for the temple work? Not the repair people but the ones that created the temple. The setting really sets it off. It looks peaceful. Also does it have a small restaurant in front? If it is not overcrowd with visitors, it would be a very nice place to meditate. I enjoyed.

    December 2, 2015

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