Through The Falls

This is likely the easiest HDR I have ever done. I hit preset and liked it. Just had to do some cropping and a bit of work in Photoshop but it was done in 15 minutes!

The shot was taken at Mini Siam which should be renamed Crap Siam. It’s just not that nice there and the 300 Baht fee to get in wasn’t worth it. The water was stagnant in most of the pools, the displays needed some work, as they were shabby, and there really wasn’t a whole lot of activity other then the army of grounds keepers that obsessively trim the grass and clearly watch you so you don’t enter the display areas.



One thought on “Through The Falls”

  1. The photo is very interesting. I like it but would like to know what I see in the distance. Is the Cave like enclosure made from trees or rock? I guess the architecture is what intrigues me. The HDR really makes the photo pop. I saved a copy for my photo displayer. I like.

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