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I haven’t done a monochrome image in a while and when I took this one I knew it was going to be monochrome. It just felt right.

I was shooting some place else when I saw this Buddha. Not really knowing where it was led to an adventure of getting attacked by dogs and crashing a motorbike but happy to report other than some scrapes on the bike and me it ended happily as I found the temple complex.

I like wandering the local temples more so than the tourist ones. You have the place to yourself. You see the occasional monk, or other people doing stuff about the complex and there is always the endless supply of cats, dogs, chickens, and roosters roaming around. Well the chickens and roosters roam, the cats and dogs are usually asleep.



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  1. Your photo is your reward for outsmarting the dogs. The scaffolding with the boards at the top looks scary. Don’t know how large this statue is but a fall from the boards would hurt. Black and white is the best choice unless Buddha was in Bronze or Gold perhaps. Nice photo.