Lighthouse At Sunset

This is one of the reasons I went to Bali Hai, the lighthouse at the end of the road. Well, not really end, more like before you take a sharp left hand turn and end up in Pratumnak but most people never make it that far down. You gotta weave through the docks with boats being moved about and roving packs of soi dogs. Rather intimidating unless you been down that way before.

There are double bonus points if you can spot where I removed the Honda Click out of the image. You can also see one of my CCTV installers making an appearance and a creepy old guys’s leg if you look close enough.



One thought on “Lighthouse At Sunset”

  1. I like your photo. The colors in the photo are really nice. Do not believe I have ever seen such a great lighthouse. It does look like it has just been built? The man, you refer to is in the far left top corner by the orange cloth. The Honda bike was beside the rocks and the old man’s legs, I am not sure. If you only hid his legs, where was the top of the “creepy old man”? I kept a copy of your photo for my display.

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