Waves Crashing

This was shot off Bali Hai. I have no idea what the structure is. In Thailand there are lots of incomplete public works that just sit there as monoliths to the unfinished. With this one, with the sun setting and Gulf of Thailand waters looking blue it seemed like a good time to take the picture.

The interesting thing about this one was I had a whole CCTV crew installing a new camera in the area I was shooting. I asked in crappy Thai if it was ok if I setup to take some shots and they were fine. They were more interested in me at that point as I setup to take my shots. Language barriers prevented any conversation but they were watching trying to figure out what I was shooting and why.




  1. THE MOM said:

    Love the photo but would have liked it even better without the rusty pipes! The water color is very nice. The harsh waves demonstrate the strength in the beautiful and inviting water most of the time but angry waves are to be respected if one wishes to exit the water the same way they entered.

    November 28, 2015

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