Storming The Beach

I shot this from the back of my bike while I was riding through. It total its 6 images blended together. I really didn’t want to go too deep into the editing today but I have Aura HDR which is new HDR software I purchased while here in Thailand.

This wasn’t exactly a HDR shot, since I was handheld I just fired off 6 shots and said have at it. Seemed a fair test of the software.

One of the issues you have with landscapes is the blue channel which will show noise regardless of camera and how many megapixels you throw at it. So I spent a lot of time masking it out as best as I could.

For me the image was all about the beach umbrellas. I’m a sucker for them for some reason so I will always take a picture when I can. The sky and water were secondary and I’m not 100% satisfied with the image but then again, I rarely am.

For inquiring minds the image was shot at Jomteim Beach and the primary language being spoken under those umbrellas is Russian. They like to come and warm the hell up before freezing back home. Their numbers have fallen as their economy crashed but still, there is a large amount of them enjoying their holiday in Thailand.


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  1. THE MOM said:

    I like the photo! The umbrellas are very cool colors so I see why you like them. My favorite part of the photo is the sky. The sun beams streaming down is very nice. The people are so close together but perhaps they like it that way or that is the only way they set the umbrellas up. The beach look inviting.

    November 22, 2015

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