Alien Shores

I guess these could be alien shores since I am not Thai and I am a legal alien in their country! Well, until my visa expires and I fly home.

This is still Wongamat Beach in Thailand, just my creative version of it. This is what happens when I go to Stuck In Customs. I get the urge to do a HDR image. To be honest, I shoot all my shots for HDR anymore and a lot get blended into some form of it but this one felt right to go towards the surreal versus the realistic version.

There are about 6 layers total in this image with me wanting to draw the focus to the sky and contrast it with the shore. Is it perfect? No. Do I like it? Yep!


Alien Shores

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  1. THE MOM said:

    What a beautiful photo to start my day! The sky is magnificent. Know it is the Sun peeking through the clouds but if looks like God is pleased with what he sees. Very nice. Everything about the photo is nice. I have saved it for my viewer.

    November 19, 2015

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