The Lone Boat

This is another one from Wongamat Beach here in Thailand.

If you go back to yesterday’s image you can see the storm moving in. We had to take cover shortly after this image was completed because the rain was starting to come down. In Thailand it starts with a few fat drops then the heavens open up. It then pisses down till it sees fit to stop and then its dry about an hour later. The only downside is if you ride a motorbike is that the real imitation leather seats tend to stay wet for a longer period of time unless directly in the sun.

So enjoy!

The Lone Boat


  1. THE MOM said:

    The photo is very nice. The colors, which I always like are very pleasing. The water looks inviting. The lone boat is in good company with the gentle rolling water. I have saved this photo for my viewer.

    November 19, 2015
  2. L said:

    This reminds me of a painting I have in my homestead.

    What is the thing sticking up in the air in the distance above the trees? Is is possibly a red cup, or a brown dog, or a one legged woman?

    November 18, 2015

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