Architectural Blues

This one was shot on the 12-24mm lens I picked up just before I left and never tested. Supposedly it was designed for a full frame sensor but I discovered that its not so I have huge vignetting issues. I got around that with this one by the 16×9 crop but its still there to some degree. Adapt, improvise, overcome is the motto when faced with these things. Still, it means when I return to the US I will need to find a suitably wide full frame lens.

Doing these images I have changed up the workflow a bit. I have used Photoshop less for dark and light areas and Lightroom more. It works better for these images. I then use Photoshop to dodge and burn as needed then various layers and masks to create the effect I have been going for. All on a 13″ Macbook Pro screen.



One thought on “Architectural Blues”

  1. I like your photo. The shot of the water and I am assuming the large hotels and casinos with the blue lights makes the scene appealing. I also like the blue light shadows on the water. I presume Las Vegas did not have any interesting flower arrangements for a shot or two. Enjoyed.

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