Breaking Dawn

I should just title this image too many damn layers and masks. I lost count how many were used in this image but there were a lot.

I shot this out of the window at work. Used a tripod and a delay shutter timer. Once I started to edit the trees turned muddy and I really wanted them sharper along with keeping the sky intact and not causing too much noise in the blue channel. Thats when the layers and masks started to appear until it got to a point where I said enough.

Oddly enough when this picture goes live I will be on a plane heading to parts unknown. For an adventure. I know where I will land and see dawn breaking and it won’t be my home country nor will it be the country I will end my journey in.


PS – Happy Halloween. I missed it! It’s like how I left on a trip once that left on 12/31 and I woke up 1/2. The crew gave us champagne at some point. I was disappointed it wasn’t for every time zone we hit.

Breaking Dawn

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  1. THE MOM said:

    I love the photo! The sky is beautiful. New day with such colorful sky helps the commute in the traffic better.

    November 2, 2015

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