Lost In A Book

I will admit this is an “experimental” edit. There are lots of layers and masks going on. I wanted the girl to be the focus of the image and it was difficult with all the other things going on in the image. Part of the problem was I had a tiny shooting window because I didn’t want her to look up while I was taking the photo so I didn’t have time to really get my focal length right. So I worked with what I had.

I know it looks like I used a vignette in the image I didn’t. It was a mask and then burning down the shadows. Then I loaded a layer mask to do a dreamy focus to soften the buildings around it and then masked it in to keep her more in focus.

While its not a technically perfect image I like it and sometimes you just post an image you like.


Lost In A Book

One thought on “Lost In A Book”

  1. I like the photo. Lots of color! The location of the bench and subject, at Federal Hill gives a great bird’s eye view of Baltimore. Is the stadium in the distance, Camden Yards or M&T Stadium? ?Seems to be a very nice quiet place to just relax and take in the view or a great book.

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