Flags Flying

This is the USS Constellation. It’s now a tourist attraction docked in Baltimore Inner Harbor. No idea what the fee is to board it. One of these days I’ll eventually go aboard. My desire to avoid people from walking into my shots is rather strong. I don’t mind them if they fit the image but most of the time they don’t. I need to have a sign or announcement that states “Photographic Genius At Work” or something. That way they know not to walk into my shot.

I was debating on making this one monochrome but I kept it in color once I finished all the other edits. Once I saw the color on the keel and and the red of the slightly flooded bricks it gave a nice contrast to the sky and buildings around it. So I left it in color.


Flags Flying

One thought on “Flags Flying”

  1. The US Constellation is a pretty ship with the bottom color. I am amazed to see the canons in the windows. Just learned from going to an old fort in Florida, what canons did back in the days when they were used in battle. They never spoke about the boats they were shooting at had the same weapons they had. The Baltimore Harbor, as long as I remember, has had historical ships docked so tourist could venture in for a look. I enjoyed.

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