Cobalt Blue

Fairly obvious where the title came from. The image just felt more natural this way. The cobalt blue just made the other colors stand out. With the water looking the way it does from the shot being 3.2 seconds long it felt right.

This one is also from Baltimore Inner Harbor. I want to say the condos/apartments across the way are apart of the Federal Hill neighborhood but I would not quote me on that as I have never ventured that way. The dock area I believe is public docking provided you pay the fee but don’t quote me on that either. I pretty much know nothing of Baltimore. In all honesty, if it was closer to where I work I would live there because its a cool city to wander around in. Regardless of what you may have read on the news.


Cobalt Blue

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  1. THE MOM said:

    I agree with the photographer, Baltimore Harbor and the surrounding area of Baltimore are very nice. I have always liked Baltimore, Md. Like all cities, it has it problems but it is a great place to enjoy the arts, festivals, Markets, etc. I liked how Baltimore converted the old factory buildings into very nice condos. They left the old charm of the bricks while creating nice condo. Baltimore, Fells Point and so many more areas make for a great visit.

    October 24, 2015

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