Shadows of Modernity

The mystery camera returns! I left the file names as a hint this time but I still stripped the EXIF data.

This series was much tougher to edit. The mystery camera has real problems in the blue channel and there is very little tonality to play with in the shadows. The falloff is either all or nothing. Noise was going to happen regardless of what I did and I had to play with these files more than I ever wanted to. I finally just had to give up and realize that the mystery camera just wasn’t there sensor wise.

I said I would write about the mystery camera some more. One of the biggest frustrations I had with it was that it was so slow to shoot. While I won’t say it was film slow it wasn’t fast. It wanted to think about every image before it would allow me to move to the next one. I can remove card speed as a factor because it was a Class 10 card. After doing some research it was knocked for its speed of shooting. So it wasn’t just me trying to push the camera.

Enjoy the mystery camera series and the shadows and buildings.

Shadows Of Modernity

Shadows Of Modernity

Shadows Of Modernity

Shadows Of Modernity

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  1. THE MOM said:

    I know nothing about cameras. In the photos, I like the skies and the reflection from the sun in the glass. High rises have no soul like older building with their beautiful architecture. High rises are glass and steel. No beauty there.

    October 16, 2015

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