Little Bit of Fall

I set myself a challenge. I found the first “real” camera, meaning one I thought I spent a lot of money on it; something like $179. This was 5 years ago and I had no concept of what photography equipment cost. You can tell by the price it was a point and shoot. I thought I had made a major investment. It was to shortly thereafter I acquired my first DSLR, a Canon XSi so this camera was relegated to the forgotten pile until I found it. Little did I know the path that purchase would set me on.

Seeing how I had some free time I went for a photowalk. I shot a variety of subjects but I figured I start with the fall leaves since they are turning color. The only thing I can control on this camera is ISO, meter mode, and exposure compensation. I shot all these at ISO 200 and in spot meter (rare that I don’t shoot in spot meter). No exposure compensation was used.

They were imported into Lightroom and then “flattened” then taken into Photoshop for the heavy lifting. I did not change my workflow for these images. Meaning curves adjustments, dodge and burn. Then a run through Nik Color Efex for Pro Contrast and Vibrance and Saturation. I then used the newer technique which is cheap and tawdry and I will reveal eventually to give it a bit more pizzazz. A quick layers mask adjustment then flattening the image and running it through Camera Raw Filter to remove the brutal color fringing. About the only thing I did different.

I get that this sounds like a lot but its about 5 minutes an image at most. I have the flow down to a science.

I realize that I have down sized these images because lets be honest, if we were pixel peeping the camera would show its weaknesses. I have found this true even on my modern cameras. So I kept it the standard 1000 pixels I use.

So the challenge is based on what I provided could anyone tell the difference with these images? Would anyone realize that this was all done on a 14.1 meg point and shoot that is 5 years old? I highly doubt it.

If you think you can guess feel free. The EXIF data has been stripped.

I’ll share more images out this week and go in to some of the challenges and frustrations I had with the camera. Still, I found myself enjoy the novelty of the experience. It also reminded me a camera is a tool and nothing more. As I have gotten deeper into photography I have come to view my gear as tools; each has their own uses. Neither one is more special than the other. You just need to use the right tool for the job unless you are Jeremy Clarkson and then its a hammer for everything while screaming POWER.

Enough rambling.

Enjoy the fall colors and enjoy trying to guess the camera.

Fall Colors

Fall Colors

Fall Colors

Fall Colors

Fall Colors

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  1. THE MOM said:

    Your title is wrong. Not a little bit of Fall, but a generous showing of Fall’s beautiful colors. I love each photo and have placed them on my photo display. The Maple’s red are just beautiful. I love the colors in the fall but not happy when all of the leaves fall, I know Winter is coming. Being in Florida there isn’t much of season changes. Trees do not turn colors some just seem to stay dormant. In the Spring, the trees give forth lots of colors. They have beautiful colors. Keep taking those photos of Fall.

    October 15, 2015

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