Fire Your Gun

Little left-wing homage to AC/DC’s Fire Your Guns. I thought it was singular and Brian Johnson being a Geordie you can see how guns and gun could be confused. Double bonus points if you get any of those references. There are a lot in those two sentences.

This was taken in Federal Hill Park in Baltimore. I tried a color version of this but the light sucked and the colors were muted at best so a conversion to monochrome was called for. I did the edit in color then doing the conversion in Nik Silver Efex Pro. Once i was happy there I brought it back into Photoshop for dodging and burning. With anything monochrome its all about separation of tones. I still wasn’t happy so I duplicated the layer and then started playing with the light type in the layer mask until I got something that really separated everything to my satisfaction. Then a wee bit more dodging and burning and happiness ensued.

To be honest a lot of work but sometimes you just have to massage an image to get it to where you want it. Was a good exercise in Photoshop.



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  1. THE MOM said:

    I like your photo. Still think a little color would be nice. I guess you can not choose what you want in black and white and color. I understand canons now that I went to Petersburg, FL to a fort with a great history. I asked several questions about the cannons and the balls. I thought the balls exploded. No they would knock big holes in Ships coming to take over the Fort. the Fort was within walking distance of the river. No perks in that Fort. I have not seen Federal Park in Baltimore. I am sure it was interesting. Not sure I would like that cannon pointing at the city. Saw the damage those balls could do. Enjoyed your photo.

    October 13, 2015

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