Cityscape In Monotone

I was bored one day and took a ride to Baltimore and was walking the Inner Harbor. There was this giant earthen fort on the other side and I had never walked there so I went that way. In my meanderings I found areas I never photographed before and views I had never seen before. This may sound trivial but I have a poor sense of direction at the best of times. I’m good if I have been some place before but going to a new place I tend to wander until I figure it out. Modern GPS has solved this problem for me but I am still a guy that got lost inside a small Mexican bar. I swear alcohol consumption had nothing to do with that adventure.

So with my wanderings I saw this view of Baltimore and snapped my shot. The day was grey to begin with and I knew when I took the shot it was going to be in monochrome. A few tweaks here, a few layer masks there, and a lot of dodging and burning I’m happy.



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  1. THE MOM said:

    Baltimore Harbor with the cityscapes is nice. The photographer with his gaze set on the modern buildings across the water. Modern building have no soul. The black and white photography is appropriate.

    October 9, 2015

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