Surreal View

This was HDR. And I have admittedly not done that spectacular job with it but its more about the visual then the perfection. I just really like the colors popping and the overall feel of the image. I waver between realism and whimsical. I feel like the bastard love child of Ming Thein and Trey Ratcliff. My goal would be to find the clean look of Ming’s work mixed with Trey’s. I just don’t have the time right now to do the work required to get a quality image. Still, I like what I got and thats all that matters.



One thought on “Surreal View”

  1. Your title does not match your photo. Nothing surreal about this beautiful photo. The bench is very inviting to just meditate in this beautiful place. The change of season is just softly touching the trees. The blue sky setting behind the green and orange trees tops it off with beauty of its own. Very nice photo for the start of the Fall Season which Florida does not have in the same sense as up north. Do miss it. My favorite seasons up north was Spring and Fall. I saved a copy for the display. I have a special photo on the desktop since Saturday was a very special day for us.

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