Norway Anyone?

I first went to Epcot 22 years ago with my sister. I was obsessed with all things Norwegian back then. So I made her eat Norwegian food. I enjoyed it. I think. No real memory of the meal. I do remember the Mickey Mouse shaped butter.

As I started to travel internationally I realized I preferred warm places versus freezing cold. The fjords of Norway are lovely to look at on TV and pictures but if you need me I’ll be in South East Asia somewhere. It’s warm there!

When I returned to Epcot again with my Mom we ventured into Norwegian territory again. This time I had a camera to document the experience. It reenforced my preferences for warm weather locals.







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  1. THE MOM said:

    Wonderful photos! So much to take in at Disney Epcot. I do not remember where Norway was located but I know we did not eat there. We ate in Italy, which was very good. The photos will give me lasting memories of the good time we spent together. I will place them on my photo display and enjoy them many times.

    September 30, 2015

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