Admiral Tilp

When I first went through my images I took with a wide angle lens I bought I though meh for this image. It wasn’t that interesting. The sky was blue and everything else was in harsh Noon light with a brown river. For those that have never seen the Potomac River, its a muddy brown. Not very exciting to look at. So when I did the conversion to HDR using Photomatix I just randomly clicked on stuff and a monochrome preview came up and I had a winner! The monochrome made everything pop.

Once I finished tweaking in Photomatix I brought the image into Photoshop and then edited a single image as well then brought it into Photoshop. Loaded them as stacks and aligned the layers. Once that was done I just masked the two images together to get rid of some of the ghosting and add additional contrast to areas. The final piece was a load into Macphun’s Intensify Pro a wee bit more masking and done.

As for the Admiral Tilp, its not named after a naval commander at all.


*If you see dust spots pretend they aren’t there. I maybe forgot to clean the lens until after this shot and while I used the healing brush judiciously I am sure I missed some. 

Admiral Tilp

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  1. THE MOM said:

    I like your photo in monochrome and HDR. The Potomac River in DC is a muddy brown color but in WV, it runs crystal clear. The Potomac is not a large body of water in the mountains. The HDR, I really like. It just makes every thing in the photo stand out. It is a very nice photo! I enjoyed!

    September 28, 2015

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