Hidden Away

It seems whenever I acquire a lens I need to test with more than just me wandering around I head to Meadowlark Gardens. I know the place well so I know I can always get a few interesting images out of a trip. So with a new lens in hand off I went for a morning of shooting.

I had with me my Sony A7R and a Tokina 24-200 coupled with a Sony LA-EA4 adapter. This allowed me to use this very nice Sony Alpha mount lens on the A7R. I looked at the Sony 24-240FE but at $1000 just could not justify it considering I spent $400 for the adapter and lens. I also scored a Sigma 12-24mm $399 as well so that means two lenses and I can shoot almost anything and for less then 1 Sony FE lens. Since I mainly use the A7R for landscape stuff this is a bargain and a deal! Plus, I realy have to change lenses. To quote Charlie Sheen, “Winning!”.

Back to the story. This is the pond I have shot countless times and has been published on the site. First time I saw the boat so I adjusted my tripod to the ground, let the camera do the focus and pressed the remote shutter release. I used three images that I shot bracketed 1 EV and then blended them I debated on HDR but I really preferred the more natural look.



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  1. THE MOM said:

    What a nice photo! Meadows Park is a treasure that I never explored. I have enjoyed every photo the photographer has taken. It has given me a chance to see through his eyes, the beauty the park offers its visitors. I have made this photo the background on my desktop and on my photo display.

    September 24, 2015

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