This one was shot at Walt Disney World’s Disney Town if I remember the name correctly. I stumbled across the grounded balloon while I was wandering around. They weren’t going to fly it because of the threatening skies and were actually in the process of securing it because the storm was coming every soon.

With a bit of Photoshop magic I increased the drama in the image and bumped the colors a bit and overall happy with the image.



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  1. THE MOM said:

    Downtown Disney as it is known, I had to go there since so many friends told me it was great. It was but it is a long walk from the parking garage to downtown Disney. Lots of construction was taking place as we traveled to our destination. Of course we should have known, it was going to rain on us. Leaving the umbrella’s in the SUV, we got quite a strong storm and a deluge of rain and very wet until I purchased rain gear. I did not see the balloon. I believe the photographer saw this when he went to check if the water transport was taking customers back to the garage. No such luck. The shopping was very nice, the walk back, exhausting but I made it. I truly enjoyed my adventures with my son. It is a memory to be treasured. The photo is also on my desktop and saved for my photo display.

    September 12, 2015

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