The Storm Approaches

I had a different version of this ready to go today but I just didn’t like how it came out. The good thing about digital images is you can always go back and redo them!

In Florida it seems you do not escape the afternoon thunderstorm. You could have an extremely hot and sunny day and by late afternoon you will see the clouds start to form and the wind start to pickup. I saw this storm brewing and stopped and snapped a picture of it.



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  1. THE MOM said:

    Like the photo and remember the storm it gave us while we were in Orlando at the Epcot Center. The Sea Breeze that occurs in Florida during our rainy season (June-Sept/October) is a welcome breeze since the days are very hot during the summer. In late afternoon, the breeze feels so good after having a heat indicts of 100-105 degrees. The rain is a hit or miss in the area. While some neighborhoods will receive a heavy watering, others will receive little or none. The Thunder and lightening are very loud and the lightening bolts are bright and striking to look at but very dangerous. I like the Sea Breeze because during the heat of the day, no breeze. I like the rain because it gives the land a drink after a long, hot day.

    September 12, 2015

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