Alien Moon

Epcot’s geodesic dome reminds me of moons rising up over an alien planet hence the name. Some say that Orlando, Florida is another world in itself as well so it works for that as well.

I recently bought Noiseless Pro and ran it through these images and pleased with the result. The Macphun tools see a lot of use in my landscape images along with my Nik tools that I often run. Well worth the investment. Noiseless Pro did a much better job of removing noise without sacrificing sharpness and I found I could go back into the image after running it and do a light smart sharpen in Photoshop to get that little bit back that I lost.

For those interested, shot handheld with my Sony RX100M3.




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  1. THE MOM said:

    I like the Epcot photos. We did have a wonderful day there going from country to country. I agree, from a distance, in the dark, it looks like a setting sun or the moon on the horizon. Moon over an Alien planet is fun. I have kept the photos to place on my photo displayer. Nice start to the morning.

    September 9, 2015

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