Down The Golden Path

The was shot on the C&O Canal Path, that little stream to the right is the canal itself. It’s not very deep anymore except in certain parts. There were parts I was tempted to walk into it but I didn’t have the clothes on for it. Plus as I was hiking back to my car I saw the signs saying wading into the canal was illegal. Oh well.

I shot this as the Sun was just starting to go down in the evening. Ignoring everything concerning photography I shot into the Sun hence the lens flare but it works for this image. Did a HDR conversion and got the golden color I was looking for to make the path more golden in color. It makes everything look more inviting. Of course it was hot as hell out there and I was sweating to death so don’t let the image fool you.



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  1. bellanoctis said:

    GORGEOUS! Love it!

    September 6, 2015

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