Reflecting Pool

I haven’t done an HDR image for awhile. One of the reasons I bought my Sony A7R was to do more HDR without the loss of quality that I experience with my micro 4/3 gear. So I took a wander down the C&O Canal path one day with my A7R mounted on my tripod after work. There are side paths where raft trips launch out of so I took a detour and wound up at this pool of water that led to the Potomac River.

The obvious thing about this picture is the fisheye effect. I didn’t shoot this on a fisheye lens. Instead I used a Sony 10-18 that was meant for a crop sensor and not a full frame sensor. It’s still very usable and to be honest I like the effect because it forces you to focus on the pool which was what I was shooting at. That is critically sharp and in focus.




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  1. THE MOM said:

    The photo of the C&O Canal area is very nice. Water is a little shallow with the summer heat. I like the way the green pops out at you in the trees. The terrain lets you know it is not a smooth walk. The clouds seem to be angry and just may make a states, showers! This photo replaced my Meadow Larks Park photo on my desk top. Looks good. I enjoyed!

    September 2, 2015

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