Sky Blue

Since I don’t really see a need for continuity I can jump around to tall the stuff I have shot lately. Trust me, there is a lot!

This was shot in historic Old Town Alexandria when I decided I was bored and wandered in to do some shooting. I was really going to test a lens on flowers but happily my car steered me to Alexandria instead. The downside was my car didn’t have a sense of time and Noon isn’t the best time to go out shooting in the summer but you adapt. So with my Sony A7R and my tripod I wandered around and took pictures. This was one of the first I took. Technically speaking its wrong. I’m ok with that. I shot it on a 18-28mm lens and I like the effect I got. The image is about the sky and how it interacts with everything around it. Sure the light is the focal point but without that sky none of the other colors and details would stand out.

I was going to do this image HDR but it turned into a sludgey mess so I took the 4 images and merged them in Photoshop and went from there. Ran it through a few filters and done!



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  1. THE MOM said:

    Nice photo! Not sure I like you car, steering you away from the flowers. I really believe the photographer did it. The photo is nice, I am wondering if it is an outside restaurant seating with all of the umbrellas. Old Town Alexandria has some great architectures, great shops and small restaurants to catch a bite. Also, the Potomac River. Not a bad place to take a stroll and photos. I enjoyed.

    August 31, 2015

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