Stroll Along The Lake

This is another from the from Lake Fairfax that I shot. I had switched off to my Sony RX100M3 for a lot of the shooting as I wanted to see how it would preform shooting from a tripod and how far I could crop it down before the image quality started to drop. While I love my micro four thirds gear; for highly detailed landscapes you can see it start to lose quality in the finer details. With a large photographic adventure planned for later this year I want to test all my gear out to see what is going to perform best for the situations I am going to be in.

The RX100M3 really handled me cropping the hell out of this and held up resolution so very pleased with how this image came out.



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  1. THE MOM said:

    Very nice photo! I know Lake Fairfax. It is a very busy park. Every element is in the photo I like, even the reflection of the clouds in the water. It will not make my desk top because I love the flower power the most. That Sun Flower from yesterday is a smile in the morning to me!

    July 24, 2015

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