Lighting the Florida Skies

I have no idea why I like the image. I just like the street light and the trees and the buildings all drawing you in with the Florida sky above acting as a nice backdrop.

For inquiring minds this was shot in Fort Myers, Florida along what I think is the River Walk in Old Town. Don’t quote me.

Still playing with the new editing techniques. Really loving doing the tones curve in Lab Color because you can really put a lot of contrast into an image and not affect color balance at all. That is why the last two images are a bit brighter. The same with dodging and burning (trust me this one has a lot), when you do it in Lab Color you only affect the luminesce and not the over-all color.  I also color balanced my monitors for the first time in a long time so that is helping as well.




One thought on “Lighting the Florida Skies”

  1. I like the photo. The water front is very nice. It is what is called downtown Fort Myers. The photo is so pleasant to the eye. The blue sky is beautiful.

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