Primary Colors Fun

This was totally a warmup shot that I took before shooting other images. I always like to get out and shoot some random items to get me into holding a camera again and looking around to see what there is to see before I go off and shoot what I think I am there for.

So when I saw this sculpture in the park near the farmers market my Mom was shopping at (I wandered off for pictures) I figured why not grab a capture real quick. I had my 24mm lens on the camera and fired off the shot. Once I dumped the images into Lightroom I saw this and was like it’s pretty freaking cool! You got the primary colors at work in with the red, green, blue and yellow and they are just contrasting with each other nicely.

One of the questions I have been asked is what are you doing to the skies. In Fort Myers the skies are this blue. I color correct somewhat and then add a polarizing filter but thats the real sky. When you mix in late morning/early afternoon Sun its bright and hotter than the surface of our sun. So thats why the skies are that vivid.


PS – Changed up the font in the watermark since I’m doing it manually for the time being. Kinda like it.


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  1. THE MOM said:

    Know that sculpture well! The park is small but seems to buzz with people that come to just sit and relax or fish or shop at the Farmers Market every Thursday throughout the year. The skies are very vivid with blue and pink now at sunset because we are getting dust from Africa which adds a pink mix with the blue sky along with the fluffy clouds. At this time, we have two planets that are bright in the sky. Venus and Jupiter are very close and brilliant along with the waning moon. They are bright in the Western sky until around 11:00pm. If you are a sky watcher, there is almost always something interesting going on. Very nice photo.

    July 2, 2015

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