Blue Meets Green

Now that the football season is over (soccer to you godless heathens) I now have mornings to myself to get some shooting in. So I snuck off the Meadowlark Gardens just as it opened and paid my $5 entrance fee and in I went. I just wanted to wander and not worry about shooting anything with a purpose so I just had my Panasonic GX7 along with 3 lenses, the 45mm 1.8 (90mm eq), 12mm 2.0 (24mm eq) and the 60mm 2.8 Macro (12omm eq) with me. Sounds like a lot but considering I can bring an arsenal with me of cameras and lenses this all fit in my tiny Domke bag.

Normally I’m really lazy about switching lenses but considering I am planning an extended adventure later this year and not really wanting to take my arsenal with me I figured I might as well train myself that lens switching isn’t evil and as I crested the hill I saw this magnificent view and knew I had to put the 12mm on. Happy I did.

Just ran it through a couple filters. Was going to do a few layer masks but was happy with the green and blues really coming out. Then did a few more tweaks and was happy with it all. It’s not HDR which is what I have been doing most of my landscapes in but I really like the color and the contrasts.


Blue Meets Green


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  1. I enjoyed your photo. I placed it on the desktop which replaced the beautiful roses from yesterday. This photo offers a lot. I spotted the bench and you could sit and just drink in the beauty that surrounds you at this park. Just a delightful photo for Sunday!

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