Starting to hit a rut with editing HDR stuff. Just struggling right now and I know its me. On the upside I am getting ready to travel again so will have some new stuff to shoot. So looking forward to that. I’ll be hitting two destinations on the next trip. First stop will be San Antonio, Texas and the next will be San Jose, Costa Rica. So there will be opportunities to shoot some new stuff and try some different techniques. Plus time on planes to watch videos to expand my knowledge.

As for this shot. I knew it was going to be black and white from the start. The warped dock just called for it. First monochrome HDR and used a new plug-in called Tonality to do the conversion. There are issues in it but after 90 minutes of editing and trying various images until I found one I liked I went with it.



One thought on “Warped”

  1. We like your photo. Probably have seen the bridge often just never paid much attention to it. The black and white bring the texture out of it. Just wonder how old the bridge is?

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