Floating Along

I know I promised a non-HDR image but I figured I give it one more try. Another 2 hours of my life invested into this image. I am rather happy how this one came out. It doesn’t look overly HDR. I went in with the thought, its my image and my world. I’ll make it look like how I want. So I a rejected reality and substituted my own.

This represents a lot of tools, lots of brushes, lots of time tweaking. If I was to give it a percentage of how well I like it, I’ll give it a 95%. I even used a cross-processing filter for the first time in my life. It gave it the final finish I was wanting.

Hope you enjoy.

Floating Along

2 thoughts on “Floating Along”

  1. We like this photo. We were wondering if that was a duck swimming? The reflections of the trees and blue sky are very serene. Someone want to know where you took it. We enjoyed very much.

  2. The photo is serene and lovely. I love the blue reflection.
    What is floating in the middle, a duck, a giant turtle, the Loch Ness monster?

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