Glenn Echo Park

I have driven past this sign almost everyday for several years. I have shot it before but at night. This time the Sun was setting and it was time to capture it.

This is 6 images composited into a HDR image. I’m getting more familiar with the software and tools but still not 100%. There was lots of tweaking going on with this image to get it to where I wanted it and felt that it could be shared out. It was all about the details and lush colors in the sign along with the setting sun causing the sky to contrast for most of the image.

Until I get the workflow down for these images it will be one image a day for a bit since it takes me much longer to edit. Thanks for bearing with me and enjoy.

Glenn Echo Park Sign

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  1. THE MOM said:

    Nice photo! Glenn Echo Park, brings back great memories from childhood. Dad and mom would take us there just before school began. The laughing lady would greet you when you first entered. the many rides were fun and the hunted house scary but dad went in with us so we knew he could take care of us with the ghost. My favorite ride, the Merry Go Round. Very nice!

    April 2, 2015

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