Late Winter Sky

So today marks the debut of my new camera, the Sony RX100III that I have had for a few weeks but just not had the opportunity to shoot with. So I took it out for a bit of shooting and snapped this quick shot of the sky from the building I was in. Look something out of the rural landscape but it was shot in downtown Washington DC.

The RX100III is the biggest camera I own in regards to megapixels. My next highest is 16mp but its a much larger sensor but I’m still very impressed on the test images I shot with high ISO and how they have turned out. Look for more forthcoming during the upcoming days.

Until then. Enjoy the Late Winter Sky.

Late Winter Sky

5 thoughts on “Late Winter Sky”

  1. We loved your shot of the late Winter sky. Florida, it seems have the same skies all year. Had the shot on desktop for some time.

    1. Thank you!

      The RX100M3 is my travel camera if I don’t need my heavier gear. While micro 4/3 is nice and all, when you have to carry lenses and backup bodies it gets heavy. Airlines have fits about carry on without ever knowing how much weight I have on my back. Next trip is just me and the RX100M3 and a Ricoh GR. Can’t wait!

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