Intercostal Landscapes – Part 1

These images were shot in Ding Darling Natural Wildlife Refuge which is located on Sanibel Island in Florida. It’s about 45 minutes from Fort Myers (I think). I have been to Sanibel a few times and there are some images on the site are from there but I never went to Ding Darling. The one time I was supposed to go I got lost. Hard to do on a small island with one main road but I have a poor sense of direction.

This time I loaded up the car and my Dad and I rolled out there. My Dad being senior citizen with a lifetime Ding Darling pass or something meant that I got in for free so off we went.

The first thing about Ding Darling is you drive through it and pull off the road if you want to take some pictures. There are small trails if you just want to leave your car and wander out on them. You can also bike or walk the trails if you are more inclined to do so versus walking around. We stuck to the car with the magical stuff called air conditioning.

At various points I would jump out while Dad opting for the more leisurely activity of just opening the door and looking at the scenes while I ran out to take my shots. Dad does have a future as a photographic assistant because he adapted well with me handing him gear as I jumped back in after my shots. His no questions asked as I shoved cameras into his hands worked well for my style of shooting.

I used two cameras for this; my Olympus EM1 and my Ricoh GR. The EM1 had a 12-40 on it for some shots and  45-200 for longer shots. The Ricoh was left in 28mm mode. All of these images are composite and for the total batch it took 3+ hours to do them simply because of the crunching the machine had to do. Plus I would then edit the images and tweak them out. Rather proud of them. I have really started to enjoy making composite images where I just stack as many files as I can to get the clarity and resolution I want. I don’t use a tripod when I do this which causes me some problems and I’m eventually going to have to include my tripod as part of my landscape kit but for now I just set the camera to continuous mode and press the shutter and try not to move or breath. It works but I know I can do better.

Oh, as for if Ding Darling is on the Intercostal Waterway or not I have no idea. It looked intercostal to me so I went with it for the name.


Intercostal Landscapes

Intercostal Landscapes

Intercostal Landscapes

Intercostal Landscapes

Intercostal Landscapes


3 thoughts on “Intercostal Landscapes – Part 1”

  1. We like you photos of Ding Darling. Had one shot on the desktop until you gave us another wonderful shot. Liked you mentioning your dad as your helper. He thought that was nice.

  2. To answer your question it is not on the intra-coastal waterway system it is actually the Gulf you are in. But nice shots, you never know what you are going to get there. I managed to catch a fishhawk catching and eating it’s dinner.

    1. Thanks.

      I make stuff as I go with naming. Reality is overrated. If I was in charge of scientific names things would be simple. Weeds. Water. Rock. Bug. Ball of Fire in Sky. So on and so forth. The caveman did ok. Can’t see why we need all those fancy words.

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