Feeling Monumental

My big project that I have spent the last 3 weeks of my life working on has come to a close. This means that I should have time to start shooting again! So the retreads should stop showing up soon.

This is a rare site in DC these days, the Washington Monument without scaffolding or cranes near it. This is a few years old but I know I never published the image because I just didn’t feel like I could do much with them at the time. I was still new to the micro 4/3 stuff and I had just bought an Olympus 45mm (90mm). This was shot on my EP2. What is interesting that a 12 megapixel sensor did deliver such a noise free, high resolution image. Granted, there was some photoshopping going on with this image, it still noise free. So again, the camera doesn’t matter. Its how you use the gear and what you do with the images.


Feeling Monumental

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  1. THE MOM said:

    The photographer took a great photo of the Monument. It looks majestic arose the water. A nice place to visit.

    December 15, 2014

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