The Eternal Flame

The JFK Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery. These are likely some of the first few images I have ever shot with a Micro 4/3 camera which was an Olympus EM1 (I think). I went through so many cameras during this period of time that I have no idea. I do think I used some 35mm Canon lens on an adapter. Since EXIF isn’t recorded I have no idea and my memory is fuzzy.

I do remember the day I took the shots. It was grey and damp and there wasn’t a lot of people there so I got to get close to the grave. Normally there is a huge crowd and its good luck getting near it.

The last time I edited this I did a selective color and kept the flame in color. This time, all color and some cropping. Little dodging and burning and some cropping and I’m pleased. Even with my minimal editing I think its better then the first time I did one of these images. Also, I could not decide which one I liked better and with different crops, its like two different images.


The Eternal Flame

The Eternal Flame

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  1. THE MOM said:

    The eternal flame is a sad reminder of the lost of a good man.

    December 15, 2014

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