Grace at Night

I remember taking this picture. It’s another from the Mighty Canon 330HS or as most know it, a cheap point and shoot. It’s not the sharpest image in the world. It was shot handheld at ISO 1600 on a lens that struggles in lowlight. I can’t remember if I showed the image before, likely not because I can’t find it anywhere.

One of the things I have discovered is that images I haven’t shared before are starting to find new life as my editing skills have increased. I have really focused on improving my editing and post-processing as my photography has increased. While I don’t believe in the “fix it in post” mentality there is a certain amount of post processing that needs to be done to make an image complete.

This steeple shot was “good enough” when I first converted it to black and white but after some sharpening, dodging and burning, masking, and the clone stamp it took a decent enough image to the next level. The cross became the focal point as a dodged and burned it to bring it out more. A year ago I could not have done it.

Sometimes as photographer we chase gear with the intent to push our photography to the next level. This year, I invested in education. I knew I was hitting the wall with where I could go and I wanted to take my images to where I wanted them and I knew the answer was going to be learn Photoshop. I knew too that I needed to train my eyes to look at things differently. While I believe a large part of photography is intuitive when it comes to the image, you need to recognize light and subject framing. It’s the small things that make a photograph complete.

So don’t rush out to buy a new camera or lens. It won’t do much more then empty your bank account and once the new camera smell has worn off, your images will be the exact same as your previous camera. Invest in educating yourself and getting the most out of what you have.

Grace at Night

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  1. THE MOM said:

    We like the Steeple photo. Even more, the education I get from the photographer. We have seen so many photos, must say we enjoy the color photos and of course flowers the most. Understanding the photo from the photographer’s view on Buildings, etc. lets one into why the photographer found such interest in building(s). We all never really see the art behind it. I must admit, older buildings with their architecture draw me into wanting to know more. So thank you for the education on your journey to be the best!

    December 8, 2014

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