I Walk Through the Darkest Valley

I was going to use valley of death instead of darkest valley but according to biblehub.com the new international version of the well known Pslam says is darkest valley. To be completely honest, the title came to me from the Marine version of the quote which I won’t type out because I do run a PG-13 site for the most part.

While I would have preferred the subject a bit closer to me I was working with a 28mm lens. While I hated to do it, when I took the shot it was a “I’ll fix it in post” type of situation because I knew I could create separation of the man walking when I converted it to black and white. As for the perspective shift, I like how the buildings lean in giving it a sense of menace. The black and white conversion also helps add tension to the image.


I Walk Through the Darkest Valley

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  1. Your comments fit the photo. Nothing pretty to see. It is a reality that our some of our streets are nothing to look at. We need some Christmas shots.

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