Looking Down and Out

I have never been overly happy with my shots from planes. One of the reasons is I don’t sit on a window seat. I like to get up and move and telling people to move is a bit of a pain but when I have the chance to get a row by myself I don’t complain and I have learned to carry a camera with me. Granted I should have not been lazy and reached up for my Olympus EM1 but that would have been work. Instead I used my Ricoh GR and told it to do a 47mm crop on the image. A little known secret is you can switch the lens electronically from its base 28mm to a 35mm or a 47mm crop. It makes the camera a bit more versatile. Shooting out of a plane window is usually fraught with well, crap all over the window. Finger printers, unclean window on the outside, condensation and so on. I had to clean this image up a lot to get it where it was. A lot of the color was washed out but using the various tools at my disposal I got it to a place I could live with it. While not 100% its one of my better ariel efforts so please enjoy.

Oh, I went with the 16×9 crop to give it the more expansive feel.

Look Down and Out