Captain Richard “Boomer” Blair

Just one of the lifeguard boats that were on Atlantic City beach. I really liked how the broadside shot turned out in black and white versus the color. I think it adds something to do the image. Gives it some drama. Extra points if you can spot where I magically removed the woman that was in the scene. The second shot is just the boat waiting for action pointing at the Atlantic. Enjoy.

Captain Richard "Boomer" Blair

Captain Richard "Boomer" Blair

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  1. THE MOM said:

    The photos were good. Liked the color one better but know that the water is not blue! We do not have lifeguards on the beach in FL. I guess they think we are great swimmers or they can do without some of us. I do not know if I am correct but would like to know; the lady removed from the black and white photo, is in the second wave coming to shore. If not there, I do not see her. I love how one can be erased from a photo. Would like to know if that was or was not the lady removed.

    October 11, 2014

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